Unbeatable Protection with Hard Shell Ballistic Helmets

Lightweight and high ballistic performance is today requirement or acceptable standards for ballistic helmets to militarizes everywhere. So, these days Kevlar is the most essential material used in making of ballistic helmets.

As it is commonly stated that Kevlar is stronger than steel because Kevlar fibers are 25 – 35 percent more resistant to fragments than steel actually.


Based on the advanced testing standards for the helmet and the advanced specifications for helmets with temperature and flame resistance opens up the door for para-aramid fibers– Kevlar as this is the best in a varied range of body armor applications. Usually, military helmets fragmentation protection measured by V50  in terms of fragment simulating projectiles( FSP) of different weights.

In the coming future, this level of measuring protection is likely to continue the standard for mostly every helmet and more attention to be paid to high or small speed fragments and low-velocity bullets.

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