Hard Armour Ballistic Plates: Superior Stopping Power

The hard armour plates are available in a wide range of protection levels, shapes and sizes from single to multi curve ergonomic design.

Hard Shell ballistic plates are either made up of UHMWPE or ceramic composites which can be used either as a stand alone or in conjunction with NIJ Level IIIA body armour.

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Industry of Ballistic Body Armour

Our body armour are unsurpassed in quality and all designed for a more casual environment in comparison with those of military or tactical training units.

The body armour is the ideal choice for police officers who occasionally need increased protection against high velocity rounds or machine gun threats.

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Bullet Proof Vest: What You Should Know Before Getting One?

Whether the situation in question here is that of war or of providing security to an important individual or institutions, the bullet proof vests come to play a much important role. These are the modern day body armours used by soldiers as well as security agents around the world and we at Hard Shell pride ourselves at producing some of the best bulletproof vests around the whole wide world.

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